This article walks you through how to install the resetperms plug-in for OpenMediaVault (OMV). This is a very handy plug-in especially if you copy large quantities of files into or out of a remote location and need to adjust permissions.

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I went to print something from my Ubuntu laptop and was dissapointed to see that my Brother printer was no longer available! Hmmm. I tried a few basic things like rebooting my machine in addition to turning the printer off and back on again.

Still nothing. Darn!

My printer was…

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What a slug-fest!

Getting down was the easy part.

We took a trip in our vehicle one cold, sunny afternoon in the spring-time; our journey took us to the bottom of a rather steep hill.

The road was covered in a thick slurry of ice…

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Wow what a difference! If you have read a couple of my other articles you may know about my adventures with file sharing on a home network.

Not the least of which was when I figured out why…

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In this article I walk quickly through *most* of the steps needed to set up a file server for home sharing for a DIY networked attached storage (NAS). Spoiler alert: it is very basic and uses Samba. Yes, some of you might be thinking I…

Brother ADS-1250W multi-document scanner.
Brother ADS-1250W multi-document scanner

In part 1 of this article I discussed how to connect the ADS-1250W to a network. Part 2 is where I do a walk-through of how to set it up in Ubuntu.

Provided you completed all of the steps in Part 1, your Brother ADS-1250W scanner should now be connected…

In this article I do a brief walk-through of a home-built Network-attached storage (NAS) device entitled . You can think of it like an external hard-drive or HDD on steroids, like having your own private cloud. As opposed to an external drive, it sits on your network. Provided you have…

Stacks of office paper.
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In this two-part article I walk through the steps I took to set up my Brother ADS-1250W scanner, a nifty little piece of kit for office dwellers and road warriors alike.


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Clap if you are a pet owner!

We have three in our house and love them dearly.

Needless to say there are more than a couple of cat photos on one of our older computers that I wanted to move to network-attached storage. Being a bit cautious I also wanted…

I like taking long walks with my dog.

It gives me a much-needed chance to reflect, to get a bit of fresh air and prespective.

We are very fortunate to live close to a huge network of shared trails of varying difficulties; there is something for everyone. …

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Engineer with a small dash of quirkiness, always on the lookout for new things to learn. Avid sailor and adventurer. Publisher of good(?) ideas.

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