Courtesy of Ana Rivarola on Unsplash

I went to print something from my Ubuntu laptop and was dissapointed to see that my Brother printer was no longer available! Hmmm. I tried a few basic things like rebooting my machine in addition to turning the printer off and back on again.

Still nothing. Darn!

My printer was…

Courtesy of Shaun Darwood on Unsplash

What a slug-fest!

Getting down was the easy part.

We took a trip in our vehicle one cold, sunny afternoon in the spring-time; our journey took us to the bottom of a rather steep hill.

The road was covered in a thick slurry of ice…

In this article I do a brief walk-through of a home-built Network-attached storage (NAS) device entitled . You can think of it like an external hard-drive or HDD on steroids, like having your own private cloud. As opposed to an external drive, it sits on your network. Provided you have…

Eric North

Engineer with a small dash of quirkiness, always on the lookout for new things to learn. Avid sailor and adventurer. Publisher of good(?) ideas.

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